Our Walled Kitchen Garden, Working Farm & Orchards

In Longueville we are very proud of the fact that much of our meat and game is reared on our farm on site. William oversees the gardens and farm ensuring that ingredients such as woodland pork, spring lamb, woodcock, snipe, pheasant & duck come straight from the estate, depending on the season. Fresh River Salmon and Brown Trout are available when in season coming straight from The Blackwater River that runs through the Longueville Estate.

All the vegetables, oriental greens, herbs and much of our summer and autumn fruit come from the three-acre walled kitchen garden and polytunnels on the east side of the house, carefully toiled by gardeners Michael, Dan and David. Our busy Longueville bees who live in our orchards produce honey for the house, our hens lay fresh eggs daily and even our drinking water comes from our own wells. The fact is that we've been self sufficient for a long time way before it became the trend... You'll have to admit it's a busy corner of the world here!

We also have a 25 acre apple orchard from which we produce our own craft apple cider, known simply as Longueville House Cider. In addition we distill an apple brandy, known as Longueville House Apple Brandy, made in the calvados style. Both of these beverage products are for sale on site, nationwide and will soon be shipped for export.